MejCup 2014

The qualification is a piece of cake, starting the climbing at 7 in the morning and it all goes too fast to really give a damn and I am through at 10:00 with the result of 30b/36p, one attempt behind Adam Ondra. The Final goes off introducing new system, Petra Růžičková wins the,,baby” category and the other girls're not taking any prisoners either.
Our Finals was something I really did enjoy, leaping up the ,,big curves”, the best atmosphere I've ever felt, the first boulder I score on the first attempt, on the second one my foot slips which I fix right away on the second attempt. Starting the third one we can't quite get off on the first step or a jump if you like.
After an adjustment to lighten up the load I jump and ,,caress” Amuerte – The great wooden ball being hung up as The Top.
Adam Ondra jumps as well, but doesn't make it and the battle over the ,,throne” still rages on. My brother Štěpán joins me and Adam on the fourth boulder.
In my first attempt I fall while stepping up to The Top. I finally Top up really enjoying the second attempt. Adam just ,,bombs” up to the Top on first attempt thus winning the race, which leaves me the second and Štěpán the third.
What a fantastic race. I'm already looking forward to the next one.