CODE – Comfort For Summer Activities

PolarTec Power Dry is base fabric that just pulls moisture from your skin, thus leaving you dry and comfy. The main aim in its case are sportsmen, athletes, hikers and tourists. PolarTec Power Dry Fabrics are composed of patented bi-component construction, which means that the front and back face are made of different kind of fiber, each carries its own distinctive properties. Thus we get two different surfaces: one that has superb wicking quality, the other with its fast drying characteristics.

How does it work?

The ever so high amount of body moisture trapped in your clothes could become quite unpleasant. Polartec® Power Dry® keeps your skin dry by combining these unique properties:

  • The fabric is highly breathable and doesn't limit the evaporation of moisture.
  • Polartec® Power Dry® pulls moisture directly from the skin and transfers it to the outer surface to quickly dissipate.
  • Polartec® Power Dry® fabric is able to pull up to 30% more of the moisture of your skin than average fabric made of just one layer of fibers.
  • When the moisture pulled from your skin reaches the outer surface of the fabric, quickly dissipating over it and thus being able to evaporate twice as quick.