Harmony among friends, the same interests and a UIAGM exam taken together. They had the best possible idea – to unite their mutual journey of a mountain guide. And to name it Mountainia.

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Oman rocks secret

Universal climber and mountanier representative Pavel „Johny“ Jonák just came from Oman. Mostly undiscovered part of an Arabian penisula offers for example wall almost high as american El Capitan. In addition, climbing trip here is much less expensive then trip to Yosemite mountains.

Fear is necessary to survive.

David Chudoba (41) is a leader of a new brand HIGH POINT shop in Pilsen, we have talked about a concentration during a climbing season either about an outdoor equipment.

Japanese technology in Šumava

On what principle works the clothing made by High Point?

Slammed Over The Rocks By ,,The Devil”

The sportsman from LIBEREC Standa Mayer as a paragliding pilot concentrates on a kind of extreme competition as hike and fly surely is. The only means of transport are just a paraglider and the contestants feet.

Pavel ,,Johny” Jonák

Pavel Jonák alias Johny specializes on routes that are extremely difficult and last usually a several days. He comes from Nové Město na Moravě where he began to get involved in climbing his first routes while still being in his teens. Couple of years later he achieved grade 8A in climbing and shortly after that he suffered a fatal accident. But even fractured spine would not keep him from his way.

Red Bull X-Alps Knocking On The Door

Red Bull X-Alps-the hardest hike&fly competition is unstoppably nearing its kick off time. It starts off 5.7. 2015 in Salzburg [Austria] with the sole purpose to get over 1038km to Monaco. The rules are simple, to clear the distance its either walk or fly, hence the only means of transport are paraglider and legs.

Dvě tváře Srí Lanky

Janus, the Twofaced. This ancient roman good might have well become the symbol of this island, buffeted by winds of misfortune of the past and which is looking forward to attracting more tourists and foreign capital. And why Janus? And what would be the thing by which Sri Lanca attract people from all around the world?

CODE – Comfort For Summer Activities

We are introducing new, highly functional first layer made of branded knitted fabric PolarTec Power Dry, which thanks to patented bi-component construction has excellent wicking properties and keeps your skin nice and dry. On top of all that, for series Code we have selected a knitwear furnished with anti-odour treatment and all the seaming is done by the seamless method.

Pavel Jonák - Winter Forays

One does not have to go to Scotland to suffer while hanging out on rocks, snow and ice. Fortunately as the wise man said: There is no bad weather, just bad clothing. We have ve put our materials to the test, have got right down to it and the clothing and gear were given ,,the low, down and dirty” handling that even we would not care to go through again. Let alone our selves.

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