This hilarious group of guys from Slovakia sets an example for all people in outdoor community. Being a professional in this field is not just about climbing, mountain terrain experience and first aid. It is also a discipline, a sense of responsibility and a desire for adrenaline at the same time. Because they are part of a group, each of them has the opportunity to do what’s best for him, to guide other people to places they have a soft spot for.

These guys hike through the mountains experiencing the greatest extremes and this all is not just their hobby, this is their lifestyle…As well as they have to rely on themselves, they also have to rely on their personal equipment. In the event of unexpected situations, there is no room for errors and nothing less than 100% functionality of each part of their gear. Their equipment includes clothing mainly. Everyday physical activity means high load and therefore requires high resistance and durability, in other words high processing quality.

Synonymous with HIGH POINT is the absolute emphasis on perfect processing, top quality materials and the minimal impact on the environment. That's why we decided to work together. Since 2020, we have taken a step together towards product development with UIAGM mountain guides. We are proud to present you a new addition to the HIGH POINT TEAM family.


Those 20 years of climbing and skiing, accompanied by achievements but also failures left me with lasting consequences. I totally fell for mountains. I perceive the world differently than most people. I’m trying to make my dreams come true and spend in the mountains and in nature as much time as possible. My family and I escaped from the pitfalls of the city life under the peaks of the Tatra Mountains where we found our new home for good. I've had a couple of tours in the northern walls of Matterhorn, Piz Badillo and on the Mont Blanc ridges. I’ve climbed walls of Tatra Mountains in summer and winter, and rocks in Bohemia, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, France, Spain, Norway. I’ve skied down hills in my local Tatra Mountains and the Alps. I’ve gone through glaciers and bivouacked on the ridges and in snow ditches under the walls... I simply know what I'm going to do with you. :-D


Mountains make us better people. It is in the mountains where you find your better self and this is what I enjoy.


I’ve been climbing and mountaineering for more than 30 years. I started in HDM James Bratislava. When I was younger, I travelled a lot around Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, North Africa and North America. I like moving on rocks, snow or ice. I’ve worked in several areas ranging from small rocks to high mountains, such as the High Tatra Mountains, the Yosemite Mountains, the Alps, the Dolomites, the Caucasus Mountains, the Alborz Mountains, the Cordillera Blanca Mountains and other areas. I’m currently working as a UIAGM mountain guide.


I’ve been in the mountains, as they say, since my birth. I used to go to the mountains with my parents all year round - in summer and winter. I could barely walk and people hardly saw me above the ground but I was already skiing on Turecká - Krížna, Donovaly, Šachtičky, or Chopok. Soon after I tried alpine touring, deep troughs, climbing on Kalamarka and around Banska Bystrica. Later, I went everywhere where the wind and friends took me – the Alps, the Andes, our High Tatra Mountains... I like every climbing activity but the Winter Mixed Climbing is the absolute top for me, especially being with friends in the north wall of Ďumbier. 

Nature & mountains gave me everything I have - humility, respect, tolerance, my true friends & mates, also my wife Majka and our two daughters. Because of that, I think I live a rich life.

To become a mountain guide seemed only natural for me. If I can help others to experience even as little as possible of what I’ve experienced and see them happy, then it makes sense to me.

And what is my motto? "If you convince your mind, you can do everything. To make women feel good.” :)