Fear is necessary to survive.

Fear is neccesary to survive

  • How did you get into outdoor sports?

My parents used to do cross-country skying and when I was nine years old, I joined then. I came to Šumava mountains with a Strakonice PE squad and to the Tatra mountains afterwards. Thanks to our trainer, we had a part-time jobs, so we could afford apline trekking to the Roháč mountains. That made me started climbing. There are couple more things which helped me getting into outdoor, such as Jak dostat tatínka do polepšovny movie, Velké himálajské dobrodružství series or simple reading articles about climbing in Stadion... And of course the rocks itself, which we have seen everytime going skying by the train from the Strakonice city.

  • When you mentioned the famous movie of Marie Polednakova from 1978, didn't your parents spank you for „hazardous“ climbing?

No, they didn't. But before I was allowed to go climbing, I had to work for it on the garden first.

  • What climbing gives you back?

That's a hard question. The freedom ov movement? Free space? Climbing is physicaly hard, you must master technique, but you have to merge it with your psyche. Concentrate yourself, control your fear from heights which is present in every human being... As a young boy, they took me to Zdakovsky bridge over the Orlicka den, where I managed to get a huge giddiness. You can get used to heights, but you musn't forget about it, that's when climbing starts to be dangerous. Adequate fear is necessary to survive.

  • Which of your ascents you count as a most valuable?

Of course tens of them are on our czech sandstones, mostly these in Labak. Labak is my heart and soul, but Adr either Teplice are worth it. These are one of most outstanding places in whole Europe. I've climbed all around the Europe, but nothing can be compared to our sandstones.

  • Any other outdoor activities you are into?

Mountain bike for the whole year and a few years ago, I added skialps to the cross-country skying. I have to say it is better to go to the Alps for skialps, for example to Öztal.

  • Why buying outdoor equipment in the Pilsen store of yours?

Because we have a complete assortment of High Point and of course because I can advise our customers. I use this equipment myself so I know them at my best. Depends on each activity, but you cannot miss the Protector jacket, made of the best japanese three-layers laminate, which is highly breathable and waterproof. For cross-country skying I'd recommend the Road Runner jacket as an ultralight jacket, which could save your health during a weather change.

  • And for warming yourself?

Definitely the Skywool sweather made of the italien „Technowool“. It is a way better material then classical fleece because it makes you warm even when you are wet. Man hasn't made anything better then nature so far and this wool is improved by synthetics fibres.

Feel free to make a stop in Pilsen, I am there to show you.