Pavel Jonák - Winter Forays

One does not have to go to Scotland to suffer while hanging out on rocks, snow and ice. Fortunately as the wise man said: There is no bad weather, just bad clothing. We have ve put our materials to the test, have got right down to it and the clothing and gear were given ,,the low, down and dirty” handling that even we would not care to go through again. Let alone our selves.

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MejCup 2014

Martin Stráník: The end of the year is closing in and with it a biggest bouldering event in Czech Republic – The Mejcup. It features more than 300 contestants, 30 qualification boulders, the final showdown and great afterparty.

High Point Team Gets Together In Sušice

The annual meeting of High Point Team members in Sušice has become almost a tradition and great social even for all involved. This years teams weekend was something special, the freshly crowned king of the Himalayas has arrived in Šumava.

K2 – The 14. eight–thousander of Radek Jaroš

As I was nearing to the top, it slowly began to dawn on me that I am actually going to make it. And then suddenly I began to have other disturbing thoughts about the fact that this could be the very last time. That would make eyes brim with tears, one begins to cough and goes on as if nothing of that sort occurred. So was Radek describing his feelings right after getting back to the base camp.

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