Glacier 2.0 Merino Sock

Details of the product

High, woolen, socks for trekking, climbing or other winter activities. Construction and the material structure makes the wetness to drain from the sock and with a combination with a polypropylen blocks it from making blisters on the foot. The base of the sock is made of double Merino wool. Double wool gives it the best thermoregulating abilities and polyamid guarantees the endurance of it. Suitable mostly for heavy hiking boots or skying boots in very extreme conditions.


Hiking and trekking
Ski mountaineering

Detailed Description:

  • extra flat seam on the front
    elastic bandage on the instep for the anch protection
    enforced soles, heel and front of the sock
    comfort anti-slipping edges with terry
    whole terry softness for high warming comfort and a protection against blisters
    high comfort with thermoregulating abilities
    Made in Czech Republic


  • wool Merino 70%
  • polyamid 16%
  • polypropylen 10%
  • elastan 4%