Active 2.0 Invisible Socks

Details of the product

Invisible, light sports socks for various activities. The construction and material structure (mainly CoolMax fiber) guarantee breathability and outstanding ability to take moisture off the skin. The socks contain elements of silver, which suppress and prevent creating of micro-organisms including fungus, the breeding-ground of which is human sweat. The socks are ideal for low sports shoes for walking, running, fitness, tennis and other activities. Suitable for climbing shoes, too.



Detailed description:

  • extra flat seams of the toes
  • air-conditioning panel
  • non-skid flexible border
  • air-conditioning channels
  • tempered heel and toe
  • containing silver
  • anatomically shaped for left and right feet


  • 62%  polyester Coolmax,
  • 15% Polyamide, 
  • 13% elastane,
  • 10% polypropylene Siltex


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