Rudolf Švaříček adventurer

He has travelled through polar regions and Africa, he loves Papua-New Guinea, but he is more and more happy to come back to the Himalayas. Furthermore as an experienced mountaineer he has climbed a lot of peaks. Even when he sometimes had hard experience on his trips, he has never been discouraged from future travels.

Creator of LIVINGSTONE Travel Agency. Visionary with a wide range of activities. Head and soul of the GO KAMERA Festival. Engine of demanding expeditions and outstanding projects. He has done successful exploration of extreme areas as well as a couple of successful expeditions: Polar 89 (with a dog-team to polar regions), Marco Polo (across Asia). Silk Path (1 ½ years across Asian countries). Africa Alive (across Africa in a Tatra modul). He pays attention especially to regions with isolated ethnic groups. His favourites are Indonesia, New Guinea and the Himalaya region. He has managed unique climbs such as the prime climb of Carstensz. He is a publisher of successful books, cooperates with televisions, moderates, organizes highly visited exhibitions, prepares happenings. An extreme adventurer and debonair fellow at the same time as well as a handy diplomat. He is a geyser of ideas with abnormal energy and stamina. 

„Everyone has a deviation…my biggest passion is travelling. The longing for discovering far regions has turned to lifelong love. The drug of travelling is strong, it can´t be given up! Cross-country skiing, canoeing and mountains – each of us started like that, I think. When our Tatras seemed to be too small, we crossed the mountains and rivers of “the wild Balkan”, climbed in the Alps. The highest European peaks having been climbed, the only possible direction was the East. Russia was full of mountains and extremes…”