Pavel Jonák climber

Pavel „Johny" Jonák belongs to the top of Czech climbers in middle mountains. He is a universal rock climber and lover of big-wall climbing, our representative in climbing since 2000. He has done a lot of first climbs of the highest difficulty, he has achieved several awards of The Climb of the Year” and honorable mentions from the Czech union of mountaineers.

During the long time since he started to pay more attention to the mountains he has done several interesting actions. With people of the same temperament he has gone to many places in the world and climbed mountains with the same denominator – it is not the altitude of the hill which is important but its difficulty and beauty and the team of people you are going with. The problems overcome first in the rocks in the valleys turned to kilometer-long walls, the charm of moving one’s borders on small rocks in warm weather has changed to a days-long sweat of big-wall climbing. However, the joy remained.