Miroslav Černo Mountain guide

I’ve been in the mountains, as they say, since my birth. I used to go to the mountains with my parents all year round - in summer and winter. I could barely walk and people hardly saw me above the ground but I was already skiing on Turecká - Krížna, Donovaly, Šachtičky, or Chopok. Soon after I tried alpine touring, deep troughs, climbing on Kalamarka and around Banska Bystrica.

Later, I went everywhere where the wind and friends took me – the Alps, the Andes, our High Tatra Mountains... I like every climbing activity but the Winter Mixed Climbing is the absolute top for me, especially being with friends in the north wall of Ďumbier.

Nature & mountains gave me everything I have - humility, respect, tolerance, my true friends & mates, also my wife Majka and our two daughters. Because of that, I think I live a rich life.

To become a mountain guide seemed only natural for me. If I can help others to experience even as little as possible of what I’ve experienced and see them happy, then it makes sense to me.

And what is my motto? "If you convince your mind, you can do everything. To make women feel good.” :)