Klára Kolouchová (Poláčková) mountaineer

Klára Kolouchová, born Poláčková, a pretty woman with long hair, seems to be a vision in base camps full of bearded men. The abbreviation BC goes along with her life. First it means the university title she has achieved, secondly “base camp”. It regularly opens the door to her beloved high mountains.

Klara has as the first Czech woman climbed the Himalayan Mount Everest in 2007. Born in Prague she is not christened by the calm Vltava River. She was gifted with enthusiasm, curiousness, longing to discover – to live. Her verve manages to carry the others, her optimism together with her appetite to do something is enormous. However, it is not only longing for adventure, for something new. It is also searching and finding the rules of the life, its sense. It is about mental well-being, the ability to start something new. Challenge might be the right word. Does it make Klara weak or strong?!