High Point Production



Inspiration, ideas, feedback of the testing team and our customers, life cycle of the products and technological development last but not least – all that are impulses leading to the creation of a new design. The starting process touching all departments of the company is concerned and every new design in this phase of production is often the result of hard communication. Then the aim of the designer department is to draw such a result and give the product the final shape.



Choosing materials

Even the best ideas and faultless design cannot do without first rate material. Although the Czech Republic used to be a textile power, it is often necessary to get the needed material from the other end of the world. The choice of the proper material is a very hard and long lasting process including production of samples, prototypes and a good testing. At present we cooperate with prestigious suppliers from Japan, Italy, the USA and South Korea and thanks to long experience and activity on the market we always have up-to-date information about what happens in the field of material.



Design making

A perfect fitting design is a privilege and symbol of a precise production. The technical preparing of the production including design making is a sophisticated activity demanding big experience, rich imagination when designing the final product, very good knowledge of materials and work with corresponding software at present. There is a design documentation intended for using the next working step at the end.




Pattern laying

The process of pattern laying means putting the single parts of the pattern on the material, its result being the pattern position. The drawn pattern position is called position plan. To draw the pattern position, the patterns are used that have proper marks needed for technological manufacturing and production of the final product. Finding the proper position of single patterns is important for needed and wanted quality of the product as well as the material usage.



Cutting out the parts

Similar to other branches the products of clothing industry arise from various parts and components. The base is mostly the outer material or stuff if you like. The main parts are cut out with help of a printed design patterns. In our case it is hand-made cutting and the bigger stress on the exactness of single cuttings is necessary.



Assembly of the parts for production

A good preparation is the base of success. That pays in the production process double times. Fast changes of single designs on the production line and production of small series cause continuous need to provide single production processes single parts of the “mozaic”, which the final product arises from, with sufficient advance. The assembling is an activity proceeded by an exact production planning with long-lasting advance.



Aplication of logotypes

More than 120 products from High Point offer show a lot of options of the logo and other needed or design descriptions to be found on the products. Each material wants different technology, each design idea works with various colours, sizes etc. As a standard for “branding” we use technology of machine embroidery, screen print and other transfer methods with our own machinery.




Sewing is the heart of our production. Since the very beginning of modern history of Schwarzkopf family tradition we sew entirely in the Czech Republic. During that time we have got a lot of precious experience and knowledge. Out technical park includes plenty of first rate sewing machines for various methods of sewing and seams. We must mention so called double backstitching of seams that increases their strength and water-resistance. As sewing are not just needles and machines but thread as well, it is good to know that we use entirely thread of German production of Gutterman brand.



Sew taping

Membrane wear is our range and a lot of our customers have found out that moisture does not run into High Point hard-shell products (jackets, trousers, hats etc). Except using first rate membrane materials, in our case Blocvent brand, the key to waterproofness is perfect sew taping. It can be called repairing, perforation taping of laminate materials caused by suturing of single parts. The sews are taped under high pressure and temperature with a special tape with high life and resistance. To get a perfect appearance and the highest water column a first rate tape is necessary. Therefore we only use branded tapes of the highest parametres.




Finishing the production process is in fact the last part of the production, when various components ensuring complete functionality are applied on the products. With hard-shell designs the main finishing phase is important – press studs are installed so that the cover should be tight or closing the hood comfortable.



Check - out

We guarantee quality not only thanks to described principles and procedures in the whole process but also thanks to the check-out. We check every product very carefully. Not only the next step in the production in the form of quality checking is concerned. We know that our products often go to extreme conditions and the customers who appeal us with confidence cannot be disappointed.




It is not an exception that High Point products go over-see. In our case it is not important if to Norway or Japan. or for instance Liberec or Šumperk. We are particular about the fact that providing the product with a label, information about the product, used materials and adequate packing are details making the unit. In our case even the final packing is a step not less important than any other one in the whole production




Every final customer and wholesaler must appreciate faultless expedition on time. In our case expedition means the way of the product from the store through the expedition department, courier service as far as you. We mostly use Czech Post, for orders abroad mostly DHL company.



Sale service

Perfect knowledge of the complete production line ad materials together with a nice voice of our colleagues Veronika or Vladimír guarantee fast answering of your demands and questions. We are available every weekday. Do not hesitate and approach us, we will be happy to help you.