High Point 30 Years Lady T-Shirt

Details of the product

Limited edition of men's t-shirt for the thirtieth anniversary of the HIGH POINT brand. The T-shirt is made of a specially developed blend of cotton and modal for maximum comfort and freshness when worn. Modal is a natural material made of beech wood, thanks to which the T-shirt gets several benefits such as better moisture wicking, shape and color stability, better resistance to pilling.


Hiking and trekking
Via Ferrata


  • Weight: 105 g (size S)
  • Materiál: Cotton / Modal

Detailed description:

Modal is a natural material made of beech wood. Its great properties give the t-shirt partial functional properties while maintaining the natural appearance of cotton.

The main advantages include:

  • Shape stability (does not coagulate or extract)
  • Color fastness - holds color much better than classic cotton
  • Smudge resistance
  • It is smoother to the touch and more comfortable to wear
  • Better moisture wicking

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