About Material

  • BLOCVENT® is a brand mark of up-to-date laminates of a non-porous hydrophyle membrane made in Japan by the TOYOTA Company. This membrane, thanks to continuous development, progressive technology and latest knowledge used with it, gives the BLOCVENT® line extraordinary abilities.   
  • BLOCVENT® is intended for extreme conditions and physically hard and longtime activities. The wear made from it is suitable for expeditions, mountaineering, skialpinism, alpine hiking, cycling, trekking, winter sports etc.
  • Thanks to its non-porous character, BLOCVENT® is very flexible and able to recover even after extreme stretching, and it keeps its outstanding qualities even after longtime using and in very low temperatures.
  • BLOCVENT® materials possess an outstanding water column, which means high ability of resistance against getting wet, extraordinary breathability and wind-resistance. BLOCVENT® is easy to maintain and is environmentally friendly. Its unique chraracter is the efficiency of the material according to vapour-permeability : with encreased activity this parametre is encreasing and the material becomes more breathable.
  • All BLOCVENT® materials have water-resistant DWR treatment .   
  • BLOCVENT´s maintaining is very easy and it is environmentally friendly.


Used and tested for many years, a two-layer laminate with outstanding qualities and ideal proportions between price and service. The material has been developed a long time and at present it offers low weight and high surface resistance. According to its construction a net lining has been added protecting the membrane from inside. 

  • Waterproofness: min. 20 000 mm H2O
  • Breathability: 25 000 g/m2/24hrs (norma JIS L1099)
  • Use: treking, hiking

BlocVent PRO Super Light

Currently on of the lightest materials of its kind on the market. Main advantage is outstanding breathability and weight. It is ideal for very light products, where you demand on maximum reliability, high parameters and low weight. 

  • Waterproofness: min. 20 000 mm H2
  • Breathability: 48 000 g/m2/24 hr. (JIS L1099)
  • Use: backup waterproof clothes, cycling, running  etc

BlocVent Super Light

Is the lightest material of this kind in the world at present. In addition to its outstanding parametres of waterproofness and breathability it is extraordinary light and comfortable. It is the proper material for products of low weight and volume when highest reliability and high parametres are demanded.

  •  Waterproofness: min. 20 000 mm H2
  •  Breathability: 25 000 g/m2/24 hod. (norma JIS L1099)
  •  Use: treking, biking, trail running, 

BlocVent PRO  

A newly developed three-layer material with membrane offering even more breathability than before. The high elasticity the material is offering now guarantees comfort and free movement so that you can only concentrate on the affort. The products made from this material should be used in the hardest conditions when high level of waterproofness as well as high breathability are needed. 

  • Waterproofness: min. 25 000 mm H2
  • Breathability: 40 000 g/m2/24 hrs (norma JIS L1099)
  • Use: mountaineering, climbing, skialpinism, hiking



In order to keep the exceptional features of BlocVent functional laminates as long as possible, please take care of your product according to the following guidelines and recommendations. By keeping them, products from BlocVent will serve you for a long time and fully functionally. 

Don't worry about more frequent washing, sometimes poor maintenance can reduce functionality due to the long-term exposure to sweat, antiperspirants, creams, etc. It is better to wash your clothes more often with less detergent.


  • Were you at a multi-day event or did you do an outdoor activity in your clothing that made you sweat? Wash clothing as instructed to remove sweat and fats from the membrane.
  • Is your garment apparently soiled, dusty, dirty? Wash clothing as instructed
  • Have you noticed that the outside of the fabric is no longer as water repellent as when the garment was new? Water does not run down, but does it feed into the top fabric? After washing, put the jacket in accordance with the instructions in the dryer or iron up to a maximum of 110 ° C
  • If ironing does not help see point 2, surface DWR is probably already very disturbed and needs to be restored by spray. Follow the instructions on the product and use only the impregnation provided for it.


  • Use a classic wet machine wash for a gentle program or wash by hand.
  • It is recommended to wash membrane garments separately from other garments and, if possible, individually.
  • When washing in a washing machine, all that could damage the material mechanically should be removed.
  • Beware of forgotten things in your pockets or other things washed at the same time.
  • Fasten Velcro fasteners properly.
  • Set the temperature to max. 30 ° C, do not rely on your subjective feeling when determining it.
  • Only use liquid detergents for these materials. We recommend washing detergent Fibertec PRO WASH  or Atsko SPORT WASH
  • Do not add any other additives such as fabric softener, bleach, or ordinary detergents!
  • Do not clean chemically!
  • Don't drive!
  • After washing, the clothes should be thoroughly rinsed to remove even the slightest residues of laundry and dirt
  • After washing, remove the clothes from the bath or washing machine immediately and start drying freely suspended on the shade in the shade, or use a soft program dryer up to 60 ° C


All BlocVent materials have factory-applied durable water repellent (DWR) that creates a water-repellent coating on the fabric surface to prevent water from entering the fabric. The correct function of DWR can be found by creating droplets on the surface that run down the fabric and do not drink. By using the product, the effectiveness of the water repellent coating decreases and the water starts to feed. The user may feel wet in such a situation and feel that he is leaking into the jacket, even if it is not. At the same time, the breathability of the laminate is also reduced. Therefore, it is important to keep the water repellency in good condition, which is not difficult and can be achieved easily with the help of dedicated preparations. For restoration of water repellency we recommend to use eg  Fibertec Textile Guard  orAtsko Permanent water-guard .

Important warning: 

Do not wring diaphragm clothing and do not attempt to remove water by twisting. This can damage the garment irreversibly. Leave the water drained from the suspended clothing and dry it at room temperature. Do not dry in direct sunlight. Do not leave wet clothing unnecessarily folded.