About Material

  • AirVent is a brand mark of light, mechanically highly resistant fabrics on the base of Nylon. Thanks to systematic development, innovations, progressive technology and newest knowledge the AirVent materials are characterized by outstanding abilities.
  • AirVent is determined to physically demanding and long-lasting activities. The products made from this material are used nearly in all branches of outdoor activities such as mountaineering, ski-alpinism, Alpine hiking, cycling, MTB, trekking, winter sports etc.
  • AirVent materials are excellently breathable, wind-resistant and mechanically resistant. In accordance with the type of the material they are provided with water-repellent DWR surface, some of them with extraordinary UV protection.
  • AirVent is easy to maintain and environment- friendly.


A proof membrane material used for many years, with outstanding qualities and perfect proportion of price and service. The material has undergone a long development and testing. At present it offers low weight and high surface resistence. The greatest qualities of the material are its breathability, two-way elasticity, fast drying efect, high parametres of UV protection, colour fastness and easy packing. 

  • Parametres of UV protection: UPF 50+
  • Surface Treatment: DWR
  • Use:Hiking, trekking, Alpine hiking

AirVent Shell

A comfortable, double-woven material on the base of Nylon, with sufficient wind-resistance. The material has undergone a long development and testing. At present it offers low weight and high surface resistence. The great qualities of the material are its top breathability, four-way elasticity and mechanical resistence used in the hardest conditions.

  •  Surface treatment: DWR
  •  Use: hiking, trekking, Alpine hiking



Products made from AirVent must be well treated to keep their outstanding qualities. The treatment of such materials is very easy, you should only keep several main rules. If so, your products from AirVent will be of long and good service.

  • Use usual wet washing in the washing machine with program Fine or wash by hand.  

  • Membrane wear is recommended to wash separately from other wear and one by one, if possible.

  • When washed in the washing machine, everything that could damage the material mechanically should be removed.  

  • Be careful about forgotten things in the pockets or in the washing machine.

  • Close the velcros on the wear carefully.  

  • Keep the temperature recommended by the producer, usually 30° C. Don´t rely on your subjective feeling.

  • Use entirely detergents, best liquids, intended for these materials. We recommend Fibertec PRO WASH.
  • Do not add any other ingredients (bleacheries, fabric conditioners...) Chemical cleaning not allowed.  

  • After washing rinse carefully to remove the smallest remains of detergents and dirt.

  • After washing get the wear immediately out of the washing machine and start drying.